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About Gynecology

A routine gynecological visit is recommended every year. Dr. Bickman recommends beginning these annual exams between the ages of 18 and 21, or sooner for teenagers who are sexually active. Routine exams will often (but not always) include a pelvic exam as well as a PAP smear to test for cervical cancer. Although ACOG recommends women between the ages of 21-29 receive a PAP smear every 3 years and older women ever 5 years, there are many other reasons to visit your ob-gyn yearly. 

Gynecology Q&A

I just found out I’m pregnant. How soon should I make an appointment with an ob-gyn?

Typically, you should schedule your first pregnancy visit with Dr. Bickman at eight or nine weeks pregnant. If you have experienced early pregnancy loss or are currently on blood thinners, we will want to see you earlier than eight weeks.

I’m pregnant. What kinds of things should I call my doctor about? 

Many discomforts and changes in your body are normal parts of pregnancy, however, you should be seen immediately if you are experiencing bleeding or severe cramping, or if you simply have a feeling something is not right.

I think my partner and/or I are experiencing infertility. How long should it take to get pregnant?

Most couples become pregnant within six months to a year of timed intercourse. If you have been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for over a year, you may need to schedule an infertility consult. Dr. Bickman and her ob-gyn team have helped many happy couples conceive, despite a variety of factors. Call our office to schedule a consultation.

I think I might have an STD. What should I do?

Don’t keep stressing about it. Instead, make an appointment to come in for a visit immediately. The good news is, many are completely curable and all are treatable.

I feel that I may be experiencing menopause, but I am still having regular periods. Is this normal?

It is quite common. Many women experience the symptoms associated with menopause much earlier than their final period. You may be experiencing pre-menopause, which can include a variety of symptoms. These symptoms may include changes in your period, hot flashes, problems with your vagina or bladder, trouble sleeping, mood changes, or weight gain or loss. Do make an appointment with Dr. Bickman to verify that it is pre-menopausal symptoms and to rule out any other causes. She can also help to alleviate these troubling symptoms with hormonal and non-hormonal treatments.